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Earl Adams is a creator and designer of experiences behind Studio No.7 with co-owner Shannon Evans. He is also the founder of We Care with Robin Allman.

creative Experiences

In May 2012 I joined the Studio No. 7 creative team and helped to develop one of the most original lounge concepts in Atlanta. In August 2014 Shannon Evans (Creative Director) and I officially opened Studio No. 7's doors. Our vision was to offer its clients a curated gallery, bar and lounge where creatives and connoisseurs could not only mix and mingle but exhibit their creative expression. A bevy of small batch spirits line the shelves of their bar, while locally renown chefs exhibit their culinary masterpieces.

philanthropy & Community

I was a participant in and contributor to the education and creative development of my community. My nonprofit, We Care established in June 2010, helped to improve literacy of elementary school children in the metro Atlanta area. I partnered with multiple galleries, artists, and creative agencies to expose high school seniors to the multitude of artistic careers paths in college.

Real Estate

Deciding to become a real estate agent was a natural progression of ideas. In the summer of 2017 I became an active member of the Smyrna Community Housing Team and licensed agent. For years I photographed over 1,200 properties for banks, agents, and property managers. While touring those properties I constantly envisioned different families and people building their lives and making those houses into homes. I’m familiar with hundreds of neighborhoods and put that experience to use finding the right location for my clients.

My purpose as an agent is working to ensure all my clients are happy with the huge investment their making in a potential home. Helping and making people happy has a value that can’t be quantified and I live for it. Ultimately I'd love to work for a quality developer/builder, learn as much as I can and become a builder myself over time.